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If you’re a new parent and want eco friendly baby products, you’ve found the best store in town. Call samozrejme!

About samozrejme

About Us | samozrejme - Troy, OH

The name of our company says it all; samozrejme means “naturally, of course” and you will find that everything we offer our customers in Troy, OH is natural, of course. You can rest assured that whether you purchase babywearing products or cloth diapers and accessories, your baby will be in touch with nature and in touch with eco friendly materials.

We are committed to doing our best for our planet and we know that when it comes to disposable diapers, there is a lot of unnecessary waste being created. As parents know, you may possibly go through disposable diapers more than five times a day, so using cloth diapers is a way to avoid causing large amounts of garbage that affect our planet.

That is what we care about at samozrejme: providing children with natural products and giving Earth a break from excess waste. We know that there are parents who care, as well, and that is why we invite you to browse our website or visit our store to be a part of something great. Call today!